Red Johnson
The Author


            Suspense, Terror, Intrigue, and a Trail
              of Blood Leads Jed to Find Paxton 
                    (the Killer of His Parents).

No One Could Have Guessed 
What Happened Next!

A 95 year old avid western reader said:
"This is the best western I have ever read,
and I have read all of Louis L'Amour and others.  The Jed series is the best."

This is also a story of what all young men
go through from age 16 to 20 years old.​

"A must read if you want to 
know the real Oglala warrior
Crazy Horse."
He WasThe Greatest Teton Lakota Warrior 
Learn his warrior fighting techniques
Discover what really happened at the
“The Fetterman Massacre”
  or known as the
  “In 100 hands” 
  By the Oglala Teton Lakota 
Red Hawk
 In preparation for becoming a warrior he first must learn   the history of his band from his grandfather. In doing so   the reader learns the  historical truth of the Teton Lakota   Bands we now call the Sioux. Then Red Hawk is to be   trained by Crazy Horse; the greatest warrior in history.

If you love a great story
 of adventure, love, young romance, heartache,
and revenge against evil,
  Jed is your next book to read!

Jed was 16 yrs. old when he
  was forced to grow up fast
to avenge the murder of his
  parents. He became a gunfighter
  talked about in campfires
  from El Paso to Dodge City.


 New Release!
The book everyone is talking about!

BILLY “The Kid” – Peter Pan of the Old West

This is the first book to disclose:

          1. Definitively the place and time of his birth.
          2. Who his father was and what happened to him.
          3. The true character of Billy and his mother.
          4. The reason for his turning to a life of crime.
          5. Billy's life story from birth to Silver City.
          6. The environment of his up-bringing. 

This book is as much about:

  Catherine (McCarty) Antrim the Kid’s mother; 
an incredible human being. As a widow she supported 
her family, helped found Wichita, Kansas, became a 
  successful business owner, real estate speculator, 
  and land developer . All while being illiterate.    
Jed The Gunfighter, a novel set in
the post Civil War era in Kentucky
Hell Will Be To Pay, The True story of Henry Plumer - 
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Jed's Story Continues in Part II
The Avenger
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BILLY The Kid is an accurate Historical Novel

​      This book is an historically accurate depiction of               California Outlaws and Lawmen during the Gold Rush era of 1849 to 1860.  It includes:

  Joaquin Murrieta; Arguably the most notorious outlaw 
   in the history of California. The cry "Joaquin" struck fear
   in brave men.

  Jacalitos Gang; Their raid on the gold camp of 
  Rancheria in Amador County changed the people, law        enforcement, and culture of California forever! The
  gang killed every man & women they saw.  The miners      demanded and got retaliation.

  Meet the best lawmen of the "old west" that tamed 
  the wild west of the gold country of California: Charles 
  Clarke, Ben Thorn, Bob Paul, John C. Boggs, Charles        H. Ellis, Henry Plumer, George Work, James Barton,          Dan Mulfred, Dan Gay, Harry Morris, Tom Cunningham,    and James Humes.
​ Murder in The Gold Country Is A Non-fiction 
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Crazy Horse & Red Hawk
    ​Is An Accurate Historical Novel
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Henry Plumer's Life Story
Inspired 100s of Movies!
Have you seen a western movie with a well dressed man operating a saloon and/or is the Sheriff of the town;
while leading a gang of outlaws?
The Vigilantes of Montana declared 
that was exactly what Henry Plumer was doing.  So they hung him and his deputies and went on to hang 24 more people acting as judge, jury & executioner.
Fact: Henry Plumer was one of the best lawmen of the old west &
The fastest man alive with a gun 
This book changes western history, and as usual the true story is more fantastic
than the myths and/or the cover up stories and books written by the Vigilantes of Montana.