American & Western Roots...
​                 Biography
Author Red Johnson grew up at Donner Lake, in the high  Sierra Nevada Mountains; before its discovery by millions as California's great vacation escape. His American roots are deep. The Rumseys' arrived to form the Massachusetts Bay Company in the 1600s, Also Red is a descendant of Lt. James McClung who reported to  General George Washington during the Revolutionary War.  Red's 2nd Great Grandfather is Col. Robert P. Cummins, Commander 142nd Vol. Pennsylvania Infantry who was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg July 2, 1863.  
His western roots also include
A Montana rancher, a Tipton, Iowa blacksmith, a great- grandfather Burtis H. Rumsey who rode under General Sherman in the 11th Iowa Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.  After the war he became a Virginia City, Nevada silver miner. He married Margaret Jane Davies in 1875, moved to a new gold strike in New Mexico.  Next was the silver boom in Butte, Montana.  He was buried with military honors in Medford, Oregon
Not such a good-guy relative:​ 
2nd Great Uncle was gunfighter Will Davies (aka Jesse Evans of the Lincoln County War fame). His name was not spoken in the family for fifty years. His gun was for hire to the highest bidder.  He was one of the most notorious outlaws in the history of the American west.  Among his gang members were: Billy the Kid, Curly Bill Brocious, and many more. Google "Jesse Evans Gang" (names accurate - photo is not).
Red Johnson
The Author

  Read about the author and you will get a clue as to why...
  An 89-year old Fresno man Bill said: 

  "Jed The Gunfighter is the best western I have ever read         and I have been reading westerns all my life." 

  Another testimonial from Eva in California:
  "Red Johnson writes western books that bring the                  characters alive, and I could not put the book down". 

  Red has written Non-fiction, Historical Biographical Novels,    and Fictional Novels.  All are researched thoroughly. 
  Red has been published for 24 years.  His style of writing      and book layout may be different than any you have seen.      You  may see foot-notes in a novel, sources in the                  beginning, or a very long prologue to set the atmosphere        of the environment.  Red lives with his wife, MaeBeth, in        California.