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Looking for another author

by Red Johnson on 04/26/18

Published authors alert!
I have a good friend who has worked many years on a book.  His research is impeccable.  It is presently over 1200 pages of essentially research work product.  The subject is the hostile Indian tribes of Texas, and their attempts to scare the Europeans and Mexicans out of what is now Texas through terrorism tactics.  
My friend is 83 years young and this is his first book.  He needs an experienced published author to co-author the book and get this important work done.  I have too many of my own books committed to complete. I just can't stop that work, or I would in a heart beat!  
In the proper format every university & college in Texas would have it in their history curriculum.   In a book series; all western history enthusiasts would love it!  If I were taking this project on it would be a series of 7 books at 200 gross pages each with dynamite covers.   
Hollywood would love that series because it contains all the big names  i.e. the Bowie brothers, Sam Houston. Stephen Austin, etc. etc..  
I want no part of the rewards! I am doing this for a friend.  He deserves it!    

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