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by Red Johnson on 04/28/18

One of the most common statements made to me is: "Some day I want to write a book."

My response is: "Someday" has arrived!"  To be a writer one must write!  Set a goal of writing three pages a day.  Any day you fail simple tell yourself: "I'm not a writer!" Look yourself in the mirror before going to bed and ask yourself if you are writer.  Did you find the time to write today?  Once you begin to form the habit (habits are established in 21 days) it will be easy to be a writer.  The longer you write, the more skillful you will become.  Take writing classes, join writer groups, and have the time of your life.  If you need help with anything; you will find fellow authors willing to share their experiences.  As with all forms of art; you will find your style of writing, and that is very rewarding.  

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