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The writer's mission!

by Red Johnson on 08/24/18

A writer must write about something they know.  Obvious, correct?  Well, you may be surprised to learn how many do not stay on the subjects of their knowledge.  In fact, it is this author's opinion the writers "mission" for writing is more important than possessing a great knowledge on any subject.  Knowledge can be acquired through research.   A writing purpose/mission plays to the writers passion for writing.  In my opinion that can produce valuable writing work product.  

So, you ask what has been my "mission"/purpose for writing? Here it is:
1.  To solve mysteries about popular western era characters.  
Sample: Billy the Kid Peter Pan of the Old West
a.  Where was he born?
b.  Who was his father and what happened to him?
c.  What was the real character traits of his mother Catherine McCarty?
d.  Why, where & when did the McCarty family move from New York,
      Indianapolis, Indiana, Wichita, Kansas, etc.?
e.  How & where did the Kid learn the Spanish language?
f.  Why did the family end up in Silver City? 
g.  Why did the Kid turn to crime for a living?
Purpose goes to need.  In this case one of the most famous western characters had little research and writing about his early life.  My mission was to fill the need for such a book.  

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